Continued Professional Development

The STSA recognises the importance for teachers to develop and evolve their practices to ensure pupils prosper in their care. Effective teachers undertake regular and bespoke training activities to keep abreast of new and innovative teaching methodology and whole-school initiatives. We have developed, written and facilitated a vast range of courses, programmes and sessions, which are all bespoke, innovative and tailor-made to the individual audience's requirements. We refer to the ongoing training of all staff involved in education as Continued Professional Learning (CPL), due to the recognition that learning is essential, regardless of age, background or employment status. 

CPL Your way

From September 2016 we are offering uniquely bespoke and demographic-specific CPL sessions for whole schools, departments or groups of colleagues. The CPL Your Way programme is tailor-made to each individual school to ensure the target areas for development which the school itself has identified as a focus for improvement in their SIP / DIP, are being effectively and efficiently addressed. Sessions will be written and facilitated by outstanding practitioners and SLEs / NLEs.


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The liaison between lead mentors, school-based staff and university staff (particularly the Programme Lead) is excellent, facilitating clear communication, QA processes and programme development. The whole process allowed me to gain a deeper insight into teaching and become familiar with processes in one school setting, a great programme.
— Testimonies from previous trainees