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School-to-school support can take many forms - from informal and supportive, to peer reviews, to formalised and NCTL-funded support. All forms, however, have only one common purpose: school improvement with the long-term goal of enhancing outcomes for our pupils. Having recognised this, the STSA offers many different types of school-to-school support. Our range of programmes and courses is extensive, hence our suggestion to allow us to work closely with you from the beginning. We regard S2S support not as a one-way street, but as a vehicle to enhance collaborative work, and to allow for professional dialogue and sharing of excellent practice. 

Our Pledge

Give us the opportunity to be a part of your improvement-strategy setting and to assist you in implementing new and innovative T&L strategies to enhance teaching and consequently pupils' learning in your school. We will work with you to ensure we share best practice and create opportunities for professional dialogue. 

Our Offer

All of our courses are tailor-made to the individual school's demographics, needs and improvement priorities. Our highly skilled facilitators will create, develop and deliver CPD / CPL to your specification to ensure staff needs are met and areas of focus addressed. Please click here for a short list of some of our facilitators. 

For a personal meeting and discussion on how we can work together to improve the life chances of the young people in our care, please email us at or contact us here.