School Direct
Subject List 2019-20


Our School Direct 2019-20 courses are now closed.

Applications will be accepted from October 2019 for School Direct 2020-21 places within the Stourbridge Teaching School Alliance.

All applications should be submitted via UCAS Teacher Training.

Information about teacher training funding for 2019-20 can be found on the Get into Teaching website.

For more information about School Direct and if you are interested in a day of experience at a school, please email us:

When I first started training to be a teacher, I was apprehensive about the huge responsibility of teaching students effectively whilst also learning on the job. What makes the teaching school at Redhill so special is the invaluable support it offered me throughout the whole year. Subject mentors commit to offering quality feedback after every lesson, advice on how to progress further whilst gradually giving you more time to teach independently in readiness for your NQT. Meanwhile, meaningful weekly training sessions prepared me for all aspects of school life and a time to share and reflect with other trainees. Above all, I am most grateful for the freedom I was given to try all manner of techniques in the classroom that allowed me to find and develop my own teaching style. No matter your specialisation, all subject departments at Redhill make you feel a valued member of the team!
— School Direct STSA Trainee